A few of us remember spending 3 days getting tested our junior year as participants in Project Talent.  Now, 51 years later, they would like to continue their study follow-up for willing classmates at our reunion.

A message -

Dear Class of 1961,
Fifty-one years ago, the class of 1961 from Champaign High School participated in a national study known as Project Talent. The American Institutes for Research, which developed and administered the original Project Talent study, has launched an initiative to locate the original study participants in preparation for a planned follow-up study.
Project Talent was the largest study of high school students ever conducted in the United States.  In 1960, over 400,000 students from over 1,300 schools across the country participated in a national survey of their aptitudes and abilities in mathematics, reasoning, and language, and shared their aspirations for the future.
Project Talent is the only large scale, nationally representative study that tracks participants from childhood to retirement age.  This enables researchers to study how experiences, abilities, interests, and personality types demonstrated early in life impact the health and wellbeing of individuals as they age. Findings from research such as this can inform important public policy, educational curricula, and social services to help current and future generations of Americans live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.
In addition, the lives of the Project Talent generation span a period of remarkable transformation in the history of this country. The American Institutes for Research has a unique opportunity to create an archive of stories that capture the American experience in all its incarnations.
Last year, Project Talent reconnected with thousands of original Project Talent participants from the class of 1960 and updated participant contact information through their high school reunions. In 2011, we plan to continue our work with the class of 1961. We plan to share information about the study with you at your upcoming reunion by sending a project representative to speak briefly with you at your reunion. For more information on Project Talent, visit www.projecttalent.org
http://www.projecttalent.org .
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