Help us find class members.
The names listed below are classmates whose whereabouts and contact information are unknown.  If you have any contact information or ideas where these "kids" can be found, please send a note to Maureen (Patterson) Bekemeyer.


Hooper, Sharon Rose
Bales, Joy
Barnes, Athens L. Jr. 
Bray Ferrell, Nancy Sue 
Cortes, Nydia E. 
Ebo, Ronald D.
Edwards, Louis D.
Erwin Moore, Janet 
Garrison, John W.

Hancock, Stephen C.
McCauley Kathleen Anne
Morgan, Terry
Mosher, John F.
Nofftz, Virginia Ann Reierson
Nutt Beshears, Sharon
Orr Berry, Judith Ann
Redenbaugh, Jimmy L.
Reis Phelps, Marilyn J.
Tracy, John D.
VanDeventer, Mary Louise
Wildman, Nancy Staner